Loulwa Khoury is a New York based film editor, filmmaker, born and raised in Beirut.

She edited her first award-nominated feature documentary Paradise Without People (2019), Dusty and Stones (2022), Traces of Home and the Title IX ESPN short documentary Let Noor Run (2022). She has also been directing her first feature documentary, We Never Left. Her other work includes award-winning documentaries Some Kind of Heaven (2020), An Act Of Worship (2022), City of Ghosts (2017), It Will Be Chaos (2018), White Sauce Hot Sauce (2018), The Joneses (2016) and Look At Us Now, Mother (2015).  She was one of the mentees of the Karen Schmeer Editing Fellowship Diversity Program of the year 2019-2020, a fellow in the Sundance Co//ab Art of Editing Fellowship 2020, and part of the first DOC NYC x VC Storytelling Incubator cohort.

Fluent in Arabic, French and English she has worked on a variety of projects, but has mostly been interested in documentaries related to social issues, trying to make a difference in the world by raising awareness through film.

Due to her musical background, she also likes documentaries related to art and music since she grew up with a family of musicians and music has been her first love before diving into the film world. This led her to start a music blog Earblend in 2010, in which she interviews and films bands and concerts. She also occasionally films short videos for Workers Unite Film Festival and other similar clients.

For more information check out her resume here. Samples are available upon inquiry.

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